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The Lapdog is a simple and elegant solution to the problem of using a laptop computer on your lap. Lapdog is a padded carrying case for your computer that unfolds in seconds for use on your lap, on an airline tray, or onto any work surface. It becomes a completely functional mobile office or work station. The side pockets hold the things that you need to have with your laptop. The pockets could be used to hold a handspringTM or palmTM, a cell phone, removable drives, batteries, power supply, cords, or media. The lapdog also creates a heat barrier between you and your laptop for comfortable laptop use! Measures 14" x 10.6" x 4.5" (accommodates a computer measuring up to approx. 12.75" x 10.5" x 2.5" )

Doggie Bags provides Lapdog owners with additional storage space. Space to hold files, magazines and portable printers. The bag hangs over the Lapdog (saddle bag style) with an opening for Lapdog's handle, and is secured from beneath with two quick release buckles.

The Doggie Bags can be removed from the Lapdog and may be hung from a wall, partition or desk drawer creating a portable filing system for your portable office. Some people have multiple sets of Doggie Bags, with each set dedicated to a different project or client. That way they can quickly throw the appropriate set of Doggie Bags onto their Lapdog and they're ready to go!

Lapdog Laptop Case and Doggie Bags Combo

Item #LD1+2
Combo Lapdog and Doggie Bags! We sell them as a unit because you really need the doggie bags. The lapdog is great but if you don't have the doggie bags, you will have no place to store your papers, notebook, files, etc. It is really essential to make the lapdog functional as a business case.

Color: Black
COMBO Price $199.90 Sale $128.95
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